• Condair MK 5 - Humidifier
  • Steam Exchange Humidifier
  • Steam Exchange Humidifier

Humidifier Suppliers in India

Humidity Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai based organisation in India, set up to provide complete air treatment solutions for industrial and commercial applications. We are a renowned humidifier supplier in India. We supply Humidifiers from the leading European brands from the Condair group. Condair Group is world leader in humidification. All humidifiers are equipped with microprocessor humidity controller with option of modulating control.

Why Htpl?

  • Single Contact for solutions to your humidification and dehumidification requirements
  • Products & experience of multinational companies to help you
  • Indian expertise and technical support in humidification and dehumidification for HVAC as well as Process Control applications.
  • Transparent and Ethical dealings

Key Benefits

  • Products from European companies currently used world over
  • Certificated systems to CE, VDE, SVE.
  • Our Principals Condair are always a step ahead in humidifier design and Development.
  • Backing of experienced engineers from UK, Europe and Canada
  • Service and Support from fully trained Indian based Engineers

Our Mission

  • To make available latest products and technologies in humidification.
  • To enable companies to build and operate efficient manufacturing facilities for improving product yields and meeting regulatory requirements.
  • To build strong relationships by providing best customer support through experienced and dedicated team.