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Automotive Manufacturing Humidifiers

  • Provide required humidity levels for engine testing
  • Optimum Paint Transfer
  • Improve Bodywork Finish
  • Eliminate Static Build Up
  • Decrease sanding times
  • Reduce Ambient Temperature

Electronics Manufacturing & Data Centre

  • Eliminate static electric discharge and protect expensive equipment
  • Reduce server downtime and prolong server lifetime.
  • Reduce energy consumption

Pharmaceutical Cleanroom

  • Maximize product yields
  • Maximize product quality
  • Minimize wastage
  • Ensure compliance with cGMP


  • Eliminate static electricity build-up
  • Reduce risk to life and equipment while processing combustible materials

Hospital Humidification

  • Prevent drying the nose & throat and other mucous membranes during surgery
  • Prevent airborne infection
  • Prevent damage sensitive medical equipment

Medical Devices

  • Ensure optimal moisture content in airfor consistent product quality
  • Prevent chemical or dimensional changes to materials
  • Prevent drying of any aqueous based element
  • Improve product yields by reducing rejections
  • Ensure compliance with cGMP