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DST Sorption Technology

DST manufactures solid desiccant dehumidifiers. The air to be dehumidified is passed through a honeycomb rotor which adsorbs moisture. The moisture is removed from the rotor by a hot air stream.

Recusorb R uses heat recycling. During the rotor's regeneration cycle (green), heat is absorbed which is recycled in the "purge zone". Preheating and partial dehumidification of incoming air is achieved. This reduces the energy consumption. The dry air is thus cooler and drier as compared to other sorption dehumidifiers.
Recusorb DR is another type with heat recycling. It has a fan for both the process air and the regeneration air. When overpressure is required in the room to be dehumidified this type of dehumidifier is beneficial. This principle is also suitable for achieving very low dew points.
The Consorb is a standard dehumidifier suitable for low regeneration temperatures, and is most suitable for drying very humid air. The Consorb principle is also beneficial when the moisture difference between process and regeneration air is high.
Econosorb is a combination of sorption rotor and heat pump. Econosorb has very low energy consumption and also provides low dry air temperature. The energy consumption is about 25% of the total energy consumption of a regular sorption dehumidifier.
Frigosorb is a patented technology from DST. Frigosorb is suitable for challenging applications. With the heat pump function Frigosorb uses approximately 35% of the total energy consumption of a standard sorption dehumidifier
Aquasorb is a variation of Consorb. In Auqasorb the moisture is condensed in an air-cooled condenser instead of being removed with hot air. A common fan is used for dry air and cool air.