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Electronic Humidistat & Industrial Humidity Controller

A humidistat is a device that controls the relative humidity in conditioned space. We offer industrial humidity controllers and electronic humidistat for accurately controlling the dehumidifier operation.

Electronics Humidistat and Controller


Electronics Humidistat and Controller - Industrial Humidity Controller

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  • Relative humidity %,
  • Absolute humidity g/Kg,
  • Dew Point ° C
  • Temperature ° C

Possible to choose source from one of the four parameters above to each relay.

Used for controlling one dehumidifier in two steps or to control two separate dehumidifiers.

Can also be used for dehumidifying on one relay and temperature control on the other.

Electronics Humidistat


Electronics Humidistat - Industrial Humidity Controller
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  • Two step humidistat with fast response sensor
  • Two independent volt-free control relays
  • Visible "High RH" alarm
  • Now also for humidifi cation

Two independently programmable relays with adjustable hysteresis.

Possible to use for both dehumidification and humidification.

Suitable for Hi/Lo/Off control of one unit, On/Off control of two separate unit or On/Off control of one unit plus remote high/low RH alarm.