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The D-MAX rotor from Seibu Giken

  • The D-MAX rotor was launched by Seibu Giken Co. in 2013 after years of research.This high capacity and robust silica gel rotor is a development from the previous generation SSCR-rotor. D-Max is now a standard rotor in all DST units
  • Chemically bonded silica gel ensures no disiccant carryover to the air. Tests carried out by the well-known Frauenhofer Institute show that no dust is carried over to the dry air in a Seibu Giken rotor.
  • The Seibu Giken rotor retains more than 90% of its original capacity even after years of operation.
  • The rotors are washable for easy contamination removal.
  • Seibu Giken was the first company to develop a silica gel rotor in 1985 and is always a step ahead in rotor technology.
  • The adsorption rotor is impregnated with an active desiccant. A vast number of axial air channels running parallel through the structure ensure high adsorption efficiency with low pressure losses.

The rotor is the heart of dehumidifier. The capacity and lifetime of a dehumidifier is directly dependent on the rotor. A dependable, stable and efficient rotor insures longer lifetime.

Dust from the rotor

Rotors containing loose desiccant will cause some dust or liquid to leave the rotor with the dry air. This leads to contamination of the air. The capacity of the rotor will also deteriorate over time as it loses desiccant. Only rotors with chemically bonded silica gel ensure no desiccant carry-over to the dry air.


The rotor can be contaminated by impurities like oil mist or any other organic or inorganic chemical in circulating air. Seibu Giken rotors can be washed to remove contaminants.

D-MAX H rotor bactericidal and hygienic

The D-MAX rotor from Seibu Giken

All DST desiccant dehumidifiers use the new generation D-MAX silica gel rotor from Seibu Giken. The silica gel is chemically bonded to the structure, to ensure no desiccant carry-over to the dry air as well as an excellent lifetime. Another important feature is that the Seibu Giken rotor can be washed if it becomes contaminated. This is especially useful for rotors working in harsh conditions.

The D-MAX H rotor bactericidal and hygienic

The D-MAX H is an anti-bacterial rotor specifically developed to maintain the desired indoor climate in the food and pharmaceutical industry. The rotor surface effectively eliminates airborne bacteria , thanks to the inclusion of anti-bactreial agent during manufacture.

D-MAX CI 100 % silicon free

D-MAX CI 100 % silicon free

The D-MAX CI regulates humidity without spreading any silicon in the air at all. The rotor was developed for the automotive and pharmaceutical and other industries which demand silicon-free ambient air. Thanks to thorough research, Seibu Giken has managed to produce the only 100% silicon free rotor on the market.

SZCR rotor Zeolite rotor

The SZCR rotor Zeolite rotor

This Zeolite rotor for dehumidification to very low dew points , down to -120 Deg. C. The rotor can handle very high regeneration temperatures.