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Resistive Self Generating Steam Humidifier Condair RS

The Condair RS resistive steam humidifier provides accurate & consistent control of humidity without the expense or inconvenience of replaceable boiling cylinders.

Maintenance is kept to an absolute minimum Panted scale management technology ensures.

The RS resistive steam humidifier has new Advanced features.

  • BMS compatibility as a standard.
  • Easy to use touchscreen controls.
  • Hygiene pack option to drain stangnant water in humidifier feed line when humidifier is not in operation.

Salient features of the last model have been retained :

  • Suitable for pharmaceutical and cleanroom applications
  • Close Control + 5% or + 1%
  • Reverse Osmosis , Demineralised , softened or tap water
  • Long operational life
  • Very low maintenance – no replaceable boiling cylinders
  • Quick and easy scale removal